We use and recommend the excellent free Joomla content management system which provides a robust, modular and versatile platform for designing websites.

Web Design using Templates

Through the use of templates, the look and feel of the website can be updated independently of the content. This makes it easy later on if you want to revamp your website because this can be done without disturbing the content.

RocketTheme Templates

There are many free and commercial suppliers of Joomla templates. We use and recommend the templates from RocketTheme. RocketTheme templates have some great features such as colour choosers, module styling, typography choice and support for mobiles and tablets.

Professional Templates at No Additional Cost To You

Our developer subscription means we can install RocketTheme templates on your website without passing on the cost to you.

Unique Websites

We customise RocketTheme templates to your particular requirements so that your website is unique. This might, for example, include modifying the colours, background, layout, text, menus and so on.

We use and recommend the excellent free Joomla content management system which provides a robust, modular and versatile platform for developing websites.

Joomla Extensions

There are thousands of free and commercial Joomla extensions available and suitable extensions can usually be found for the features to be implemented on your website.

We commonly install extensions such as:

  • customised templates
  • customised contact and other forms
  • surveys and polls
  • event calendars
  • product catalogues
  • e-commerce including shopping carts and online payment systems such as Paypal
  • members area
  • mailing lists and newsletters
  • forums
  • galleries and slide shows
  • Google Maps
  • SEF (search engine friendly urls)
  • document management
  • blogs

There are a number of extensions that we install on every Joomla website we create:

  • Google Analytics (or equivalent)
  • Joomla update utility (to make it easy to update Joomla when security patches are released)
  • backup utility (to make it easy to back up your website)
  • search engine friendly URLs

Custom Code

Where extensions fall short or no extension exists, code is written and incorporated into the Joomla content management system to provide the required feature.

Development Steps

Website projects undertaken by Webilicious ® typically consist of the following steps:

  • organise domain registration and hosting (if required)
  • install and configure Joomla
  • install and configure template and extensions
  • customise template and extensions to client requirements
  • integrate non-Joomla software into Joomla website such as Google Maps or other 3rd-party software (if required)
  • check and fix any validation errors to ensure your website works as expected
  • test in the latest versions of all the main web browsers including iPhone and Android
  • submit the site to all the main search engines (if required)
  • perform and retain a backup of the site "as delivered"
  • provide documentation including all relevant credentials

Our particular areas of expertise are:

  • Joomla content management system
  • search engine optimisation
  • forms design
  • forms to email and/or database
  • surveys
  • website application development using ChronoForms

Rapid Application Development

Joomla can be used as a quick and cost effective application development platform because of built-in features such as:

  • templates
  • security
  • internal Application Programming Interface

The Joomla API facilitates common programming tasks such as accessing the database which speeds up application development. ChronoForms can create forms for data input and search, sort and display database results to create complete online applications.

Some examples of applications I have implemented using ChronoForms are: