With over 12 years experience building and looking after websites for a living, I have a fair idea of what does and doesn't work when it comes to templates, web hosting, plugins, extensions and online tools.

I only list resources and tools here that I use and find useful myself or that come highly recommended from industry experts that I trust.

You should always do your own research as your particular requirements may vary.

Also see https://webhostingdownunder.com.au for advice about choosing a suitable web hosting provider and which web hosting providers to avoid.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links on this website are affiliate links so I receive a small commission when you use the link to make a purchase. In some cases, you may also receive a discount. This helps me to cover the cost of domain registration and web hosting and to continue providing free advice and resources on the website.

Akeeba Backup

akeeba backup logoAkeeba Backup is the industry standard backup solution for Joomla and is probably the most important addition to a standard Joomla install. It is also now available for WordPress.

Akeeba Backup backs up the database and all the files in your web space into one compressed file. This makes it easy to copy the backup to your local machine or elsewhere.

Restoring a website is also straightforward by uploading the backup file to your web space and uploading and running Akeeba Kickstart, another utility supplied by Akeeba.

Paying a subscription is recommended as this entitles you to log support requests with the the developer and ensures he has an income to continue developing and supporting this excellent and essential extension.


Akeeba Website

DreamIT Host

DreamIT Host LogoDreamIT Host is an excellent value web hosting provider in Australia.

Shared web hosting plans start at under $100 and the value for money is excellent.

With NVMe disk storage, websites hosted by DreamIT Host load very quickly.

Like many of the better Australian web hosting providers, DreamIT Host will migrate your website for free.

DreamIT Host have server infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand and you can pay invoices in Australian dollars or New Zealand dollars.


DreamIT Host Website (Affiliate Link)


Dropbox LogoDropbox is one of the leading and best known cloud storage tools.

Dropbox works well for storing and sharing files including backups.

Files can be shared publicly or with selected people only.

Dropbox or similar solutions are often essential for clients to share media files with their web professionals when the files are too big to send via email.

Dropbox provides 2GB of cloud storage for free.


Dropbox Website (Affiliate Link)


GTMetrix LogoGTMetrix provides a free or paid website performance testing tool.

Find out how fast your website loads and what optimisation opportunities are recommended.

Tip: Create a free account so you can choose the location from where to run the test.


GTMetrix Website

Helix Ultimate

Helix Ultimate LogoHelix Ultimate is one of the most popular template frameworks for good reason.

Even the free version of Helix Ultimate loads quickly and has an excellent feature set including provision for multiple Google Fonts, an optional body background image, optimisation of CSS and JS files, provision for adding code into the header area and a simple page builder.

The Helix Ultimate template uses Bootstrap 5 so Joomla 3 websites using this template are relatively straightforward to migrate to Joomla 4.

Helix Ultimate is my current default template choice.


JoomShaper Website (Affiliate Link)


ICDSoft LogoICDSoft is a good quality, reasonably priced and privately owned web hosting company that started in 2001.

Support and performance are excellent and you have a choice of servers in the USA, Europe or Hong Kong.

Check their website for the latest promotions.

Tip: Australian website owners with a local and international audience should choose the Hong Kong server option.


ICDSoft Website (Affiliate Link)


JoomDonation LogoJoomDonation provides excellent quality Joomla Extensions including Membership Pro, Event Booking and EShop to name a few.

Support is excellent and their extensions are versatile, well maintained and constantly improving.

JoomDonation extensions have a wide range of payment plugins including many localised and regional solutions.


JoomDonation Website


Minitek LogoThe free and paid versions of Minitek Wall and Minitek Slider are a great way to display Joomla content especially when you want to filter by tags or categories.

Minitek Wall and Minitek Slider are a good replacement for RocketTheme RokSprocket which has not been updated for Joomla 4.

Minitek Wall and Minitek Slider are also available for WordPress.

Minitek FAQ Book is also available for Q&A lists, knowledge base sections and discussion forums and Minitek Live Search is available for an advanced search.

Much is included in the free versions of the extensions with more advanced features available in the paid versions.


Minitek Website

Nextend Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider LogoNextend Smart Slider 3 is one of the best sliders for WordPress and Joomla.

There is a basic free version and paid versions with more slider types, layers, templates, animations and effects and personal support.

Choose from the extensive range of amazing templates or create your own slider.


Nextend Smart Slider Website (Affiliate Link)


Pixelarity LogoPixelarity offer a range of stunning single page and multiple page responsive HTML5 templates suitable for a wide range of projects.

They are beautifully designed, expertly coded and load quickly.

A subscription gives unlimited access to all 91 (as at July 2022) templates including support and updates for just US$19 and is a great way to support the developer.


Pixelarity Website (Affiliate Link)

Regular Labs

Regular Labs LogoRegular Labs have many of the most useful and most popular Joomla extensions such as Advanced Module Manager, Modules Anywhere, Sourcerer, Modals and many more.

Many Joomla website builders (including me) find Regular Labs extensions indispensable and include them in their standard builds.

Much is included in the free versions of the extensions with more advanced features available in the paid versions.


Regular Labs Website

ROBTEC Hosting

ROBTEC Hosting LogoROBTEC Hosting is a great value web hosting provider in Australia.

Shared web hosting plans start at under $100 with good value for money.

Like many of the better Australian web hosting providers, ROBTEC Hosting will migrate your website for free.

ROBTEC Hosting offer a choice of DirectAdmin or cPanel. The DirectAdmin plans are slightly cheaper.


ROBTEC Hosting Website (Affiliate Link)


RocketTheme LogoRocketTheme are one of the oldest and most popular Joomla template developers.

I have used RocketTheme templates on many of the websites I have built (including previous versions of this Webilicious website).

RocketTheme templates are based on the open source Gantry Framework and RocketTheme provide a few free templates in addition to their paid templates.

Support via their forums is excellent.

RocketTheme are diligent in retrospectively upgrading their older templates as new versions of Joomla have been released with the result that websites with RocketTheme templates are often the simplest to migrate to a new version of Joomla.


RocketTheme Website (Affiliate Link)

Start Bootstrap

Start Bootstrap LogoStart Bootstrap offer a range of excellent free Bootstrap HTML5 templates suitable for a wide range of projects.

They are beautifully designed, expertly coded and load quickly.


Start Bootstrap Website

UpTime Web Hosting

UpTime Web Hosting LogoUpTime Web Hosting is an excellent value web hosting provider in Australia.

Shared web hosting plans start at $36 and you won't find better value for money in Australia.

Like many of the better Australian web hosting providers, UpTime Web Hosting will migrate your website for free.

UpTime Web Hosting are based in Brisbane with their server infrastructure in Sydney.


UpTime Web Hosting Website (Affiliate Link)


VentraIP LogoVentraIP is one of the best value domain registration and web hosting providers in Australia.

I recommend the "Starter" web hosting plan which is adequate for smaller businesses and organisations.

Like many of the better Australian domain registrars, VentraIP will transfer your Australian domain for free.

The service and support is consistently good.

Tip: New clients often receive a discount on their first invoice so check for any current promotions before signing up.


VentraIP Website (Affiliate Link)