successAbout You

You struggle to find time to create and maintain a website while managing all the other work you are expected to do. The website is often put on the "back burner" until you can find some free time which is rare.

You like a reliable website that you can easily maintain yourself but still have someone available that understands your business and can help out when needed.

You prefer a well supported open source content management system, rather than being locked in to a proprietary content management system with monthly fees.

You appreciate good web design and also appreciate good web development so that your website:

  • ranks well in search engines
  • loads quickly
  • looks consistent in all the popular web browsers including mobile devices
  • includes analytics so you can monitor and do more of what your website visitors like
  • interacts well with social networks

You like to use free and open source solutions without ongoing monthly fees but are happy to contribute small amounts to ensure extension developers continue to develop and support the extensions you use.

About Webilicious

webilicious_hillWebilicious ® was started by Neil Robertson in 2009 and specialises in Joomla websites for all types of businesses and organisations.

Apart from web design and web development, other areas of expertise include Joomla Maintenance and Backups, Joomla Support, Joomla Migration, Joomla Security and Search Engine Optimisation.


I develop your website with open source components, and ensure your domain name registrations, web hosting and software licenses are all in your name. This means you own your website and are not locked in to any long term contract with me.

I install Akeeba Backup on every website I build and keep a copy of the website "as delivered" on your behalf.

Even if your web hosting company fails unexpectedly, it's a simple process to restore your Joomla website to a new host from a backup and be back online quickly.

Beware of web firms that lock you in to a proprietary content management system with a high monthly fee and where you'd be forced to rebuild your website from scratch if you wanted to move it somewhere else.

Software Licensing Included!

Our commitment to web design and development through our software licenses and developer subscriptions enables us to supply a number of products to clients without passing on the cost. This results in a more professional web site and additional value for you!


Some of of the growing list includes:

Websites created to a professional standard will usually include a commercial template and will often include several commercial extensions. Annual licensing fees can easily cost hundreds of dollars which clients normally bear themselves but these costs are usually covered for Webilicious clients.

Joomla GuruManaging Expectations

Perceptive clients often realise that as a freelancer, I often work more than the standard work week. While I am happy to help out in a genuine emergency, please don't assume I am generally available during evenings, weekends and public holidays. I often use this time to work "on" my business rather than "in" my business, and to further my understanding of web design and development. Ultimately, this benefits you.

Joomla Citizenship

When I'm not busy working on your website or my own websites, you can often find me helping out at various places on the web including the Joomla Forums, Stack OverFlow and the Stack Exchange Freelancing website.

So many Joomla extensions are written and given away for free on the Joomla Extensions Directory, I was inspired to write an extension of my own and provide it free for others. As at September 2013, it has been downloaded over 3,000 times.

I often document procedures for particular tasks where they don't seem to exist or are not well written. While I do this for my own benefit, I realise that many of these are useful to others and share them on this website. Popular examples are procedures on migrating JoomGallery and Kunena from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions developed by Webilicious aim to minimise assumptions and foster a good working relationship between Webilicious and its clients.