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The Importance of Website Updates

There have been some repercussions for some of my Joomla clients after VentraIP updated their server fleet to PHP version 5.3.9 this week. Clients with older versions of JCE Editor found that some features (e.g. spell checker, insert image) would not work until JCE Editor was updated to the latest version.

Domino Effect

To further complicate matters, once JCE Editor was updated to the latest version, this caused issues with older versions of AcyMailing. This too was easily fixed by installing the latest version of AcyMailing.

Regular Reviews and Updates

If there is a lesson to be learned from events this week, then it is worthwhile conducting a regular review of your website and ensuring that extensions are kept reasonably up to date. This is also the best way to keep your website safe from hackers.

Let me know if you'd like a free review of your Joomla website showing your extension versions compared to the current extension versions.

Joomla Monitoring Update:

I have a myJoomla subscription and can now monitor Joomla clients websites for out of date extensions, out of date Joomla versions and also for malware. I am subscribed to the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions feed and when a vulnerability is announced, it is very quick for me to check which websites are affected and to update them.

Joomla Health Check

To find out how well your Joomla website is configured, order a Joomla Health Check for $90.

The Health Check includes:

  • check Joomla and third party extension versions
  • check Google is seeing the website as responsive
  • check website page load speed
  • check robots.txt
  • check free space
  • check backup is enabled and suitably configured
  • check web hosting configuration and suitability
  • recommendations on how best to address any discovered issues

Note that no changes are made to your website during the Joomla Health Check without consulting you first.

The cost of a Joomla Health Check is refundable if you purchase a 12 month Joomla Maintenance and Backup Subscription within 30 days of the check.

Joomla Maintenance and Backup Subscriptions

  Economy Business Enterprise
Monthly Cost $39 per month $69 per month $99 per month
Annual Cost $390 per year* $690 per year* $990 per year*
Third party extensions up to 10 extensions up to 20 extensions up to 30 extensions
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes
Free initial security audit (valued at $220) Yes Yes Yes
Monitor new Joomla and third party extension updates Yes Yes Yes
High priority Joomla updates installed within 24 hours Yes Yes Yes
High priority third party extension updates installed within 24 hours Yes Yes Yes
Non-critical Joomla and third party extension updates installed quarterly Yes Yes Yes
Monthly off-site backups Yes Yes Yes
Non-critical Joomla and third party extension updates installed monthly No Yes Yes
Installation of web application firewall (e.g. Akeeba Admin Tools Pro) No Yes Yes
Weekly off-site backups No No Yes
Monthly malware scan No No Yes

* Pay 12 months in advance and get 2 months free.