I focus on web design and web development and web development for all types of businesses and other organisations mostly using the excellent free Joomla content management system. With over thirty years experience in Information Technology I can solve just about any web or IT challenge!

Web Design

Web design is the look and feel and layout of the web site. I use and recommend Joomshaper templates and always customise templates for clients so that the website is unique. Joomshaper Helix Ultimate templates are versatile and include an excellent control panel for customising colours, backgrounds and layouts and have been tested on all common web browsers. Support is included for mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android. This ensures a consistent result whether you are on a PC or a Macintosh and whether your favourite browser is Firefox or Chrome.

Web Development

Web development is creating the technical “behind the scenes” functionality of the web site. This involves such tasks as installing, configuring and customising extensions, search engine optimisation, creating forms and surveys and writing customised code. Thousands of free and commercial extensions are available for Joomla so extensions can usually be found to meet website requirements without having to write any code.

Surveys and Other Forms

ChronoForms is the preferred tool that I use to create surveys and other forms. Webilicious ® has a developer license that enables me to install ChronoForms on websites I build and maintain. This cost is not normally passed on to clients.

Submitted form data can be emailed and/or saved to the database. Data can be exported as a CSV or spreadsheet for easy manipulation on your computer. Reports can also be produced on the website showing totals and averages, for example.

Indicative Pricing

Simple Web Site: from $750

An affordable web site with up to 5 web pages, mailing list and newsletter. This provides you with a basic on-line presence that can be added to later.

Medium Web Site: from $1250

A more functional web site with 6 to 10 web pages and additional features such as a gallery and customised contact form.

Large Web Site: POA

Please contact me for a quote on a larger projects. See the web design brief for the type of information I need to be able to accurately quote on your project.


In some cases, commercial components are required to complete your website. For example, you might need to add $100 for a good quality shopping cart for an e-commerce website.

Ad Hoc Web Site Services and General IT Support: $88 per hour

No long term commitment is required for ad hoc support.