In addition to building, maintaining and optimising Joomla websites, I also provide ad-hoc support at $88/hour including but not limited to:

  • website installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • providing website advice
  • extension/plugin research, selection, installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • website security
  • website performance

Website Health Check

To find out how well your website is configured, order a Website Health Check for $90.

The Health Check includes:

  • check CMS and third party extension/plugin versions
  • check Google is seeing the website as responsive
  • check website page load speed
  • check robots.txt
  • check free space
  • check backup is enabled and suitably configured
  • check web hosting configuration and suitability
  • recommendations on how best to address any discovered issues

Note that no changes are made to your website during the Website Health Check without consulting you first.

The cost of a Website Health Check is refundable if you purchase a 12 month Website Maintenance and Backup Subscription within 30 days of the check.