Joomla Best Open Source CMS Again!

Joomla has won the 2011 Packt Publishing Open Source CMS Award ahead of Drupal and Plone. This is the third time that Joomla has been honoured with an award since the Packt awards started six years ago.

Joomla released new versions 1.6 and 1.7 this year and has been downloaded over 26 million times since counting started in 2007. It is estimated that Joomla now accounts for 2.7% of the world's websites from small personal websites and blogs to government and multinational corporations.

New Perth WA Tours Website Launched

Perth WA Tours

New Joomla 1.5 Website

The new Perth WA Tours website was launched today. It has been created using Joomla.

Web Design and Development

A customised version of the Modulus template from RocketTheme has been used for the web design.

Web development includes a tour database created using "ChronoForms". Tours are entered via an admin only option once the administrator is logged in to the front-end. The website automatically creates the menu options and calculates tour prices based on what has been entered into the database. Visitors can inquire, book and pay for tours online. Forms and online payments are implemented using "ChronoForms" and "Payment Form".

Tours can be searched via a search form and a list of tours is displayed. Tour detail pages with individual tour slide-shows are available for each tour.

New Features

Other features include:

  • "GTranslate" so everyone can find out about and book tours
  • social networking "share" and "follow" buttons
  • "RSMonials" for clients to leave feedback (RSMonials has been modified to make it W3C compliant)
  • a "feature" tour option
  • the local weather
  • a blog

Feedback is welcome!

Fryerfuels Website Launched

Fryerfuels Recycled BiodieselThe new Fryerfuels Recycled Biodiesel website was launched today.

Although I have been testing Joomla 1.7 for a while and have migrated a few personal websites to 1.7, this is my first "official" Joomla 1.7 website launched for a client. Most extensions (or suitable equivalents) thankfully now seem to be available for Joomla 1.7.

As usual for the web design, I have customised a recent RocketTheme template, in this case "Radiance".

The client wanted a visitor counter and I found "JV Counter" very suitable.

The fuel price is designed to be easy to update by the client. To this end, the "Text Magic" plugin is installed. Text Magic enables images generated on the fly from characters in a true type font to be inserted into an article (or in this case a custom HTML module).

"JV Counter" and "Text Magic" are both free and have versions available for Joomla 1.5 too.

Feedback is welcome!

Rosebery Primary School Website Launched

Rosebery Primary School

New Joomla 1.5 Website

The new Rosebery Primary School website was launched today. As usual, Joomla has been used to create the website.

Web Design

For the web design, a customised version of the RocketTheme Maelstrom templatetemplate is installed with "RokStories" providing the banner slideshow on the home page.


The "Easy Folder Listing" extension is used to make it easy for staff to add school newsletters etc to the relevant pages.

"Appointment Booking Pro" is installed to take care of parent teacher interview bookings and "JEvents" is installed to display events.

I used "Xpert Captions" for the first time to display thumbnails of the staff images. By hovering over a staff member, the beginning of the corresponding article is displayed and clicking on the text takes you to the article with the full details of the staff member and a larger version of the image.

Feedback is welcome!